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How to create your own iPhone ringtones

Another top tip from the Todays Top Tech team.
How to create your very own iPhone ringtones, watch our screencast to learn how.

Here is another top tip from the Todays Top Tech team.
If you’ve ever thought, like most of us, that the selection of ringtones that comes as standard on the iPhone is very weak, then you’ve probably thought about making your own.

You will be pleased to learn that it is not as difficult as you might imagine, and your iPhone does not need to be jail-broken or anything silly to make it work.

The basics are as follows, have a quick read, and then simply watch our how-to video below. You’ll be filling your iPhone with cool ringtones in no time. . .

  • Make an audio clip no more than 30 seconds long (otherwise iTunes will not recognise it as a ringtone). We use Audacity, which is a great, FREE mp3 editor.
  • Add this mp3 track into your iTunes library.
  • Select the track, then from the Advanced menu, select “create AAC version”.
  • Right-click on the track and select “show in finder”, keep this window open.
  • Back in iTunes, delete the track, but select “Keep files”.
  • Return to the finder window, select the .m4a track and rename the file extension to .m4r
  • Copy that .m4r track back into your iTunes library.
  • Done! Now just copy that ringtone over to your iPhone.

View our screencast

[Create your own iPhone ringtones by TodaysTopTech.com]
Create your own iPhone ringtones from www.todaystoptech.com

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