The New iPad (3rd gen)
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The NEW iPad (3rd gen) review

First let me start off by admitting that I’m a hopeless Apple fan. I usually love everything they put out to us mere mortals. So I hope this review doesn’t …

The New iPad (3rd gen)

The New iPad (3rd gen)

First let me start off by admitting that I’m a hopeless Apple fan. I usually love everything they put out to us mere mortals. So I hope this review doesn’t come across as being too biased.

Like a lot of other people I eagerly watched the latest Apple presentation hoping to see the announcement of the iPad 3. After being a little shocked with the strange naming system (the New iPad) I instantly new that I wanted to upgrade to the latest model.  Mainly because of the arrival of the Retina display that I’ve been living with for some time now on my iPhone.

So on the release date, I waited patiently for the delivery to arrive, and when it finally did, I could hardly contained my excitement as I tried to open the package quickly without destroying the beautiful packaging.

I have heard many people say that the new iPad has nothing new compared to the iPad2. Well let me strongly disagree. The main thing (and my main reason for upgrading) is the absolutely fantastic new display. I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to describe just how good it is. It represents a huge step up from the previous model. Not only have they jam-packed it full of pixels, but also the whole thing seems brighter / richer / more delicious! Comparing the previous display with this one is like comparing an old 10″ black and white TV with todays HD 1080p flat screens. Whenever I pick up my new iPad and just love looking at the pixel perfection. I now cannot wait to read some more eBooks, watch more films, and just find any excuse to use my new favourite gadget.

Of course there were other improvements, faster processor and better camera. If I’m being honest, I’m not sure of I can tell much difference regarding the processor speed, but I’m willing to take Apples word for it, as I’m sure a lot more muscle is needed to run all those pixels. And as for the new camera, well at this stage I haven’t given it a proper run through, but from the few snaps I’ve tried so far, it does seem to be quite a bit better than before.

With regard to the new iPad being thicker and heavier than before, well maybe on paper, yes it is, but you really can’t any difference when it’s in your hand, so that has not bothered me at all. And the good thing is, my smart cover still fits it, so there was no need to upgrade that particular item. (Bonus!)

So, what are my final thoughts on the need to upgrade??Well, if you currently still own a 1st gen iPad, then I would heartily recommend that you upgrade immediately, and if you’ve got an iPad 2, then . . . . . well . . . . . if you can afford a little luxury, yes still upgrade, I am sure there are still plenty of people who would buy the iPad 2 to reduce your overall cost. But don’t take my word for it, there’s now way to fully describe, or even show in picture, how great the new display is. So get along to your local Apple store and have a hands-on test for yourself. Take you older model with you and compare the two side by side. But remember to take your wallet for when you get tempted . . . .

I would have given the new iPad 5 / 5, but I was secretly hoping for a great deal of Siri interaction and not just the dictation feature that made it into this model. Oh well, maybe in a later software upgrade or perhaps the next model. I suppose I can’t have everything.

I love anything and everything to do with tech and gadgets. Having dabbled in graphic design, I like things to look stylish as well as functioning well.

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