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We’re always happy to hear from suppliers of tech products. If you would like to have your product reviewed by the Today’s Top Tech team, then please complete the form below. We’re sorry that we cannot review every single product, but we’ll do our best to get back to you one way or another with 48 hours.

Today's Top Tech Gold AwardGetting your product reviewed on can bring you a surge in interest and traffic to your website. A positive review will also increase the likelihood of the interested reader making a purchase. Also, our reviews make use of anchored links, which will assist your SEO results. Finally, if we find your product to be worthy of the esteemed “Today’s Top Tech Gold Award“, you’ll receive the coveted Gold Today’s Top Tech banner image to display on your own website against your product!

Our reviews are unique, we do not recycle reviews from other sources. As such, we will need hands on experience of your product (via demo or sample), and the possibility to discuss the product with a knowledgeable contact (either over the phone, via online chat, or email).

Top Tip! We’re more likely to accept your request if you provide us full and accurate information in the form below.

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