USB Z-Stick Z-wave mac controller
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VIDEO: Aeon Labs Z-Stick Z-Wave Controller for Mac & PC

Check out this in-depth video showing the USB Z-Stick Series 2 from Aeon Labs, full unboxing video PLUS connection to an Apple Mac.

Continuing our series on Home Automation in the UK, we’ve now put together our short video on the Z-Stick Series 2 from Aeon Labs. We’ve been playing around with this thing for some time now, and so far we’re chuffed with it…

This video shows an unboxing of the Z-Stick USB Z-wave controller, PLUS, we take a look at hooking it up to our Mac mini computer and how to use it with mac home automation software – INDIGO (from Perceptive Automation).

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Next time… Unboxing the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor (Z-wave)…

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