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Dummy Defense iPhone app review

We recently brought you a review of the addictive little app called Simple Physics, well the same developer has taken on board feedback from his users and created a ‘new’ …

We recently brought you a review of the addictive little app called Simple Physics, well the same developer has taken on board feedback from his users and created a ‘new’ app called Dummy Defense. Read our full review….

Dummy Defence addictive iPhone app 2012

Dummy Defence iPhone App 2012


Dummy Defense is due out (on the App store) on 20th March 2012 and is essentially more slick and improved version of the previous app – Simple Physics. We absolutely loved Simple Physics for its original idea, addictive nature and overall concept. We were however a little critical of a few things about the app – namely the very small number of levels, the price and the sometimes clunky interface.

We’re really pleased to report that, in our preview of the new app, Dummy Defense, each of the drawbacks we felt spoilt the previous version have been fixed! Yey! Dummy Defense will be a standard $0.99 app, have 25 levels and have an improved user interface.

So what’s the game about? If you have played Simple Physics, then it’s essentially same concept. It’s about building structures to withstand different test conditions for each level. Dummy Defense is titled as such because the objective is to defend the crash-test dummy from being destroyed, either by big swinging hammers, meteor showers, crushing weights and so on. Each level presents you with a different environment and task, and it’s up to you to engineer the best solution. Your solution must come in under budget, otherwise you’ll not be able to move on to the next level – even if your design passes the test criteria.

Having had the game for half a day, we’re about half way through, and to be honest, having already plaid Simple Physics we found the first few levels were rather repetitive. Once you get  the hang of the kind of structures that work well, it almost feels like ‘one size fits all’. Luckily however, the game does start to get more difficult as you progress and new ideas are required to solve the engineering puzzles. We’re on level 17 at the moment and it’s got us stumped for at least 10 minutes, which in my book, is a good thing! The longer it can keep me trying the more addicted I get as I’m determined to crack it. If you get well and truly stuck on a level, there’s the option of buying the solution pack for $0.99 or £0.69 pence. It appears this will give you a “1 star solution for every level” in the game [25 levels].

The graphics are improved in this app from the previous one, and as we said before, the user interface has been cleaned up which just adds to the enjoyment of using the app.

Again, as with Simple Physics there are other features to the game such as being able to test your structure with finger pulls, being able to see and save blue prints and so on. We haven’t really used these features much, but I guess they’re are nice to have if you want to give them a try.

Another feature to the game is a leaderboard. If you can design a solution that comes in well under budget, and is the cheapest build solution for that day (or of all time) you’ll get the chance to have your name in lights on the Dummy Defense leaderboard. This is a nice feature as it forces you to perhaps go back and re-visit some of your previous solutions if you think you could re-engineer them in a different, cheaper way whilst still passing the stress tests.

So, overall what do we think of Dummy Defense.

What we liked:

  • Good user interface
  • Original (if you’ve not already seen Simple Physics)
  • Addictive
  • Watching the stress-test animation is a lot of fun to see how you did in defending the dummy
What we didn’t like:
  • I’d still like to personally see more levels. We’ve been playing the game for an hour or two and are over half way. Most paid for apps I would expect to have more play time for my money. Lets hope bonus packs or more levels are added in later months as app upgrades to keep people interested and stop them deleting the app once they’ve done the current 25 levels.
  • So far we’ve not seen too much variety in the levels (although we’re still only on 17 or 25 so this may improve in the last few levels)
  • Sound effects are not really special, could do with some zing in them to spice up the fun.

Could it be improved further?  Sure. But then so can many apps’ so we’ll look forward to a whole series of packs / levels and tweaks to improve on a great idea in future from this super game! (We’d like to see more moving objects, inter-related objects with knock-on effects, clever solutions that require alternative thinking from the standard, perhaps some levels against a time limit to solve, etc).


5 out of 5 award

We’ve decided to award the Dummy Defense app, a truly deserved 5 out of 5 Today’s Top Tech score! You might argue it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close and simply because we love playing it so much we wanted to give it a full ‘thumbs up’.

The app isn’t out yet, but pop on to the developers facebook page and hit the like button to get updated when it’s out… currently scheduled for 20th March 2012.

Simple Physics Facebook Page:

Supplier: Andrew Garrison
Price: $0.99 and £0.69
Website: App store (after 20th March 2012)


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