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LoveFilm iPhone App Review

If you use the LoveFilm DVD rental service, then take a look at their new iPhone app. Now you can organise your DVD lists whilst on the move.

LoveFilm iPhone app

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If like me, you subscribe to LoveFilms DVD rental service, you are probably glad to see the addition of LoveFilm to the app store. Quite often when I’m out and about, I see adverts for the latest DVD release and think to myself “When I get home I will add that to my rental list”. Of course when I do eventually return home, my terrible memory lets me down and I don’t actually add it to my list. That is how it was, at least, until I installed the LoveFilm app onto my iPhone. Now when I see a new DVD I’m interested in, I simply whip out my phone, head into the LoveFilm app, and in seconds I can find the film in question and add it straight into my rental list. As well as setting the priority of that particular rental. Of course you can do much more that just add the odd DVD into your rental list.

What else does it do?

Browsing film & TV

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As well as searching for a specific film to add to your rental list, you can browse their entire collection of 65,000 titles. List the new releases for example, or check out what’s coming up soon. Once you’ve selected a particular search parameter, you can then select whether to view DVD titles, Blu-ray, or both. You can also browse the collection of games available to rent from this app.

You can review your current rental list, add, remove and priorities titles. But to re-prioritise a title you will have to remove it first then add it again to get to the priority selection. Not an ideal way to achieve such a simple request, but also not too much of a chore that it would put you off doing it whilst on the move. Once you select a film you go into a more detailed screen, showing you a description of the film, director, genre, runtime and release date. Unfortunately this doesn’t show you any reviews of the film, but at least does give you the rating out of 5 stars.


LoveFilm new releases

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Taking all things into account I find this to be a really useful app to have on my iPhone. Perhaps if it were possible to read what people thought about the films that would have been a nice feature, and if they ever manage to also include a preview / trailer that can be watched on the phone as well, then that would really make it a great app to use for film fans.

I love the fact that I can manage my rental list whilst out and about and then any changes I’ve made are of course reflected when I get home and log in on my mac


Today’s Top Tech Review Our overall rating:   4/5

What we liked…

  • Managing my rental list on the move is great
  • Easy to scan through the up-coming releases to add rentals for later
  • The layout is clear and easy to navigate
What we weren’t so keen on…
  • No reviews available for the films
  • Would be great if we could watch previews / trailers

Vital info

App: LoveFilm iPhone app
Supplier: Lovefilm
Website:App store
Price: Free !

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