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Tioti TV+ Review iPhone app. Calling all TV fans

If you like TV but dont like trawling through endless TV guides, then consider this usefull iPhone app. Read on to learn what we think about Tioti TV.

Are you a fan of TV? Do you spend a long time trawling through your TV guide, trying to find your favourite program? Do you wish you could find all the information you require at the touch of a button. Well look no further, you can have all this and much much more right in the palm of your hand. The Tioti TV+ iPhone app is a TV guide that will list your favourite TV channels, not only that, but you can also set up remote record and this great app will program your Sky+ box for you in the blink of an eye.

What does it do?

Tioti TV, now and next screen

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When you first open the Tioti TV app you are presented with a screen that lists what’s on now and what’s on next for each of your pre-defined channels, you can either opt to view all possible channels or set up a list of just your favourites in the channels section. In the now and next screen you can move forwards and backwards in time to see what’s going to be on at a later time of day. One slight glitch that seems to occur here is that if you press the forward button several times (i.e. to move on several hours), the listing seems to be out of sync with the header, and you still end up viewing programs from an earlier time before you pressed the button several times. However, if you just do single presses and let it update before pressing it again, it seems to cope ok. Or alternatively, hit the middle button (that shows time and date) and select a time a few hours hence, then that seems to work out ok.


Tioti TV listings

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There is also a listings screen where you can choose a specific channel and day and it will give you the full listings for that particular day and channel one by one. Another useful feature in Tioti TV+ is that you will notice, certain programs have the BBC iPlayer symbol next to them, indicating that that particular show is available to view on the iPlayer. Once you find a programme that you are interested in you can click on it and you go into the detail screen. Here you will see a brief description of what the program is about , the start and end time, channel, day etc. You also get three further options where you can mark a particular program, or set an alert for when it is about to begin, or the most useful thing, you can hit record, and the app will send a signal to your Sky+ box to record that program for you without even having to pick up your remote. (You will have to set up remote record first on your sky account, but its quite straightforward). Unfortunately, one feature that is not included is the ability to set up a series link. This really would have been the icing on the cake. But at present, once you have set the initial program to record, you still have to go to your sky+ box to then set up series link if you so wish. I really hope they get this one sorted in future releases.

If you are trying to find out when your favourite show is on during the week, you can perform various searches and the app will give you a list of times and channels that you show is due to be broadcast. For people who don’t own an iPhone, but instead an iPod Touch, you have the option of downloading anything up to 7 days worth of TV guide, so that you can view later if away from your wi-fi connection.

Today’s Top Tech Review Our overall rating:   4/5

What we liked…

  • The ability to set remote record for Sky+
  • The on now and next view is very clear and easy to read
  • No more trawling through TV guides from the paper
What we weren’t so keen on…
  • Not able to set series link from within this app, in my opinion this feature would turn this into a must-have app for Sky+ viewers.

Vital info

App: Tioti TV
Supplier: Vizimo Ltd
Website:App store]
Price: FREE! (with ads in the top secion of each page), £1.79 (Without any ads)

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