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TV Catchup Review – Live TV on iPhone.

You may not be aware of this great live TV service for your iPhone as it is not yet an actual iPhone app. Read on to find out how to watch.

While strictly speaking, this is not actually an iPhone app, the makers of this great, free service say that an app is on the way. As a website that’s been designed for the iPhone platform, it deserves it’s place in the app reviews section.

What is it then?

Firstly, don’t be confused by the name. It’s a little confusing I know, but this is not actually a TV “catchup” service similar to the iPlayer for example. No, what it is though is a fabulous way to watch live TV on your iPhone / iPod Touch via wi-fi or even 3G. (Or as live as you can be with around a 20-30 second delay from the actual TV broadcast.) And what’s more, it’s absolutely free. As I said earlier, this is not yet an iPhone app, so at present you simply navigate into the Safari browser, then head to
If like me you think this slightly less than ideal, you could alway open up your bookmark options and then instead of bookmarking the website, simply add it to your home screen for easy access next time.
There are currently around 30 channels available on the iPhone version, with slightly more on the desktop version ( The first time you use the service you do need to sign up, but with nothing to pay, that’s no problem.
Once you’ve chosen which channel to view, simply click the relevant channel icon and after a few seconds delay, the live TV begins streaming into your handset, and you can watch in portrait or landscape mode with the usual flick of your wrist.
The picture quality is actually pretty good, but as this is a streaming service, there are occasional hiccups / pixelation etc. but for a free service I can’t complain, and it doesn’t happen too often.

What about a TV guide?

At present a TV guide is only available on the desktop version, but again the developers promise that a TV guide is on the way for the iPhone version as well. In the meantime what I do is use the Tioti TV app in conjunction with TV catchup for all TV needs on my iPhone.

Is there a catch?

Unfortunately you can only view in the UK, but other than that, it’s a great service that won’t cost you a penny. Now who knows if eventually they will start charging for the service once they get enough users, but for now, make the most of TV on your iPhone and enjoy . . . .

A selection of channels available using TV catchup

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TV Catchup added to home screen

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Watching TV on your iPhone

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Today’s Top Tech Review Our overall rating:   4/5

What we liked…

  • Free live TV on your iPhone – what’s not to like?
  • Simple main screen, easy to navigate
  • Did I not mention? . . . it’s free TV on your phone!
What we weren’t so keen on…
  • Obviously more channels would always be a good thing
  • Lack of a TV guide at present

Vital info

App: TV Catchup
iPhone website:
Price: FREE !

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