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Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio (Review)

Read this review and you will never have to buy another “background / dinner party” cd ever again. This streaming music site and iPod application is all you’ll ever need if you love the sound of piano music with no other annoying instruments crashing in on the pure sound.

What is it?

Once you use this excellent music streaming site you will never need to buy another cd for background music at your latest dinner party. I found the site originally when browsing through the online radio stations listed in iTunes. Ever since then, whenever I need some soothing background music, this is the place I go to. The idea may sound simple, after all, the radio station just plays beautiful solo piano music, but just you try and find this kind of thing elsewhere and I think you will struggle. Each wonderful piece of music has just one instrument and one alone, the piano. No lyrics, nothing else, just soothing piano music. Sounds like your kind of thing? Read on . . .

How do I listen?

There are so many different ways to access this great service. As I said before, if you already have iTunes installed, then load it up. In your library, click on Radio, then select “Classical”, scroll down and you will see “Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio”. Give that a quick double-click and away you go. The station will begin streaming.

Dont have iTunes installed? No problem. Head straight over to their website where you will find three ways to listen in your browser.

Now for the best bit, you can also listen on the move with your iPod touch or iPhone. It works over any 3G, EDGE or WiFi network with your iPhone, or any WiFi network with your iPod Touch.

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This is where I think it really comes into its own. Having a dinner party? Set it playing and then put our iPhone into your dock and you can leave it playing all night. They have an enormous playlist so you will never hear the same piece of music twice during your whole evening. Listening to it in bed really helps me unwind after a hectic day and drift off gently to sleep.

If you want to continue listening whilst working on other things on your iPod/iPhone then that’s no problem either. Pop into the Tools section and you will find a handy “play in background” option. What that does is open up a Safari window and it plays the stream from there. You can then simply press the Home button to put Safari in background and continue using the other features of the iPod/iPhone.

Unfortunately the iPod/iPhone app is not free as it’s made and sold by a third party, who was a fan of the broadcast. But at only £5.99 I think it is totally worth the money, I have it installed on my iPhone and its the app I make the most use of every day. You can download the app straight from the app store, here.

What’s the catch?

Well, simply, there is no catch. This great service won’t cost you a thing if you dont mind the occasional advertisement interrupting the music. From time to time, you will hear some of the people from the station advertising something called “Purestream”. What is that? I hear you ask. Well, for a small fee you get commercial-free piano music, an expanded playlist of nearly 2000 piano tunes, higher quality sound, broadcast at 128kbps instead of the free stream at 64kbps. What’s more, they’re so confident you will love it, you get 10 days in which to cancel your subscription if you find you dont like it. (But I am confident you will). All it costs if $30 per year, which for my money is a total bargain. Imagine how few CDs you could buy for that money. However, dont think for a moment that there is anything wrong with the free stream. This is still a fantastic service and the adverts don’t crop up too often to spoil your enjoyment. So please give it a try and see what you think.


This is a fantastic service, made even better with the inclusion of the iPhone/iPod app. Here at Todays Top Tech we’ve been listening for a long time, in fact as I am writing this review, guess what’s playing in the background? If you love the sound of soft, soothing piano music, then you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Today’s Top Tech Review Our overall rating:   5/5

What we liked…
  • The music played is beautiful, soothing, piano music. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • So many ways to listen.
  • The iPod/iPhone app makes it portable.
What we weren’t so keen on…
  • Playing in the background on iPod/iPhone works fine, but feels a little cumbersome having to load up the Safari browser. But I understand this is a function of Apple not allowing apps to run in the background, so it is not a fault of the app developer.

If you like the sound of this serice, please take a moment to go and have a listen. Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and listen . . .

Vital info

Software: Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio
Supplier: David Nevue
Price: Free Stream: FREE!
Pure Stream: $30 (£20) per year, iPod/iPhone app: $9.99 (£5.99)

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