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Bodega Review – An App store for Mac OSX

This review takes a look at an extremely cool piece of Mac software – Bodega – which is basically the App Store for your Mac! Take a look at our review, and found out where to get it from, for FREE.

Bodega is one of those little app’s that you wonder why no one else thought of it before, it’s so obvious. We’ve all become very used to the huge iPhone & iPod Touch ‘App Store’, where you can search, download, and manage your apps in one single place…. so why not have a similar place for Mac OSX apps?!

Bodega application for Mac OSX

The Bodega Welcome / Start Screen


Welcome Bodega. It’s still fairly new, so there aren’t thousand of app’s available just yet, but the list is growing, and is already impressive enough to warrant installing. Especially as Bodega is FREE!

What is Bodega?

Pretty simple really, it’s the App Store for Mac’s. A single market place where you can browse Mac software, learn about the software, and purchase / download the stuff you want. Bodega also list free app’s, so it’s not all about taking your money.

The Bodega interface allows you to find app’s both by a search facility, and a browse by category menu.

Aesthetically pleasing

One of the first things you’ll notice about Bodega is that it’s been designed for the Mac. What I mean by this is it looks GREAT, and works just as you’d expect a Mac app to work.

Bodega review by

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The list of applications available as you browse through the market place is very impressive, each one with it’s own large format icon sitting in rows on the market stall shelf.
Single click an icon, and a spotlight is shines over the app, with a brief summary of what it’s about, including the developer, the price, and a download and buy button. Double click on the icon, and you’re taken to the detailed information.


Detailed information section

The detailed information screen provides you with a fairly exhaustive description of the app you’re interested in, including rotating screen shots from the app, the price, etc.

Bodega - The App store for Mac OSX

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Bodega also has a community aspect to it, with users being allowed to provide ratings and reviews for apps. Finally there’s an option to ‘Tell a friend’ about the app.

What I would loved to have seen here in this section, would be screencasts from the app homepages. Screencasts (or video demos) are becoming common-place for most software website homepages now, and so occasionally I found myself reading the detailed information, quickly looking at the screenshots, but then having to leave Bodega whilst I popped over to my web browser, searched for the developers homepage, and then viewed the screencast for the app. Including these screencasts in Bodega, would be a huge plus in my opinion.

Not just an app finder…

Bodega has another trick up it’s sleeve! Apart from helping you find great apps through a visually pleasing interface, Bodega provides a level of management for your already installed apps on your Mac. Essentially, when you first run Bodega, it scans your Mac for installed apps (that are currently supported), and then lists them in the “Applications” area. The list includes version information, and automatically notifies you of any apps that you’ve got installed which require updating. It can even tell you if the update will be free, or a paid for upgrade. Should you wish to update your software, you simply click the ‘update’ or ‘buy now’ buttons, and Bodega sorts it all out for you.


Bodega is for me, one of the nicest apps I’ve come across in a long time, both from a visual perspective, and also in terms of usability and usefulness. As more and more developers get their apps incorporated into the Bodega app store, it will become a ‘must have’ piece of software for any Mac owner. After just a few weeks of having it installed, I find myself searching for software using Bodega at least one per week, and I guess I’ll start to wonder how we ever managed without it in a few months time. Once more apps become integrated and included into Bodega, it’s likely that it’ll receive higher and higher review scores from Today’s Top Tech.

Today’s Top Tech Review Our overall rating:   3/5

What we liked…

  • Creative and great looking app
  • Extremely useful and well thought-out
  • Speeds up the process of finding new apps on the Mac
What we weren’t so keen on…
  • Would like to see screencasts included in Detailed info section
  • Number of Apps listed is still limited

Vital info

Software: Bodega
Supplier: Freshcode
Price: FREE

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