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Herald Review & Screencast – Mac OSX plugin

Herald is a FREE Max OSX plugin that you simply should not live without if you’re the kind of person who like to know exactly whats hitting your inbox whilst you’re working on other things… read our review and screencast demo of Herald v1.2 today.

What is it

Well, simply put, Herald is a plugin which provides a pop-up preview of your incoming mail. It’s much more though. Rather than just popping up to let you know you’ve got a new message, it actually tells you who it’s from, gives you a full preview of the message, and, allows you to either the mail (and close the pop-up) or act upon the message immediately with some great one-click menu tools. Mark the message as junk, send it straight to the trash, mark it as read, or automatically open the message in, and here’s a REALLY useful one, automatically open a reply window in! The latter is so useful if you see the pop-up whilst you’re working and think, yeah I can send a quick 2 second reply to that now and deal with it. Just one click on the pop-up and your ready to type your reply and click send… then carry on with whatever you were doing.

View our screenscast demo

[Herald Review and Screencast by]
Herald software review and screencast from

From the screencast above, you can see Herald is not only EXTREMELY functional, but it also looks good and feels good to use.

Configure it

You can install and use Herald without needing to change anything. But, if you should wish, there are plenty of configuration options to tweak in the preference settings.

Herald plugin preferences window

Click for larger image

Because Herald is a plugin, the configuration and preferences settings can be found in the preferences, where a new tab appears on the right hand side, called “Herald”. Options such as changing the opacity of the window, the colour scheme, font size etc. You can also set how you want the pop-ups to function, how long to stay there, what to do with Spaces etc. Lots of useful config options if you really want to make it just ‘perfect’ for your liking.

One excellent option that has been made available, is the ability to choose which Mailboxes you want to enable the Herald pop-ups on. I, for example, get quite a bit of junk and none-personal emails to my Hotmail account, therefore I disable Herald pop-ups for this mailbox because I don’t need to be alerted to a new mail from that mailbox, which is more than likely going to be spam or something similar.


A first class example of a great looking, extremely useful plugin! Recommended for anyone who uses a Mac and Mail!

We’ve been using Herald for a while here at Todays Top Tech, and we really have to give it a big thumbs up! We can’t fault it. Fingers crossed the developer continues to keep it free, and to keep it up-dated as newer versions of and OSX are released.

Today’s Top Tech Review Our overall rating:   5/5

What we liked…

  • Extremely useful plugin
  • Great set of preference options to tweak to your own liking
  • Solid app, works without fail
  • Has perfect looks for style-conscious mac-owners
What we weren’t so keen on…
  • Hmmn…

A rare moment here folks, we’ve cast our critical Top Tech eye over this app, and we just can’t find anything we don’t like!

If you like this plugin as much as we do, please do a good deed, and donate to the developer to keep this plugin alive!

Vital info

Software: Herald v1.2
Supplier: Erik Hinterbichler

Self-confessed tech and gadget geek. Love all kinds of tech, but especially that which helps me work more effectively, and looks / feels good to use.

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