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MagicPrefs Review – A must-have Mac OSX app if you’ve got a Magic Mouse

If you own an Apple Magic Mouse, then read on. Your mouse is not living up to its full potential until you’ve downloaded this free app.

MagicPrefs – free app

If you own a Magic Mouse, chances are you are less than perfectly happy due to the annoying slow tracking speed. Well don’t worry, simply download this great piece of free software, and not only will you fix that annoying Apple mis-hap, but you will bring your mouse alive with extra functionality. You will wonder how you ever used your mouse without this wonderful app.

What is it?

Magic Prefs is a totally free menu bar application for Mac OS X. Not only will it increase the maximum mouse speed by up to 200% (hurray I hear you cry) but it also features the ability to create loads of touchpad gestures and clicks and set them up to do whatever you want. Through the custom actions setting you can even run key-combinations, run applescript actions or even launch applications. When writing reviews for Todays Top Tech, I make a lot of screen capture images. So I set up a 4-finger click that runs the key combination cmd+shift+4, this then give me the cross hairs to make my screen grab. Quite a nice little time saver. Then I have a three-finger click that exposes my desktop. Great.
Magic Prefs runs in the background all the time and uses less than 1% of your CPU so will not impact on system performance.


Instead of trying to explain all the possibilities you gain when installing this app, I think its easier to just show you some of the preference screens. There you will be able to begin to see the possible uses for your own certain way of working.

MagicPrefs Clicks & Taps

click for a larger image

MagicPrefs Swipes

click for a larger image

MagicPrefs Drag & Pinch

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Is it any good?

I have to admit that when I first bought my Magic Mouse, I fell in love immediately with its sleek, glossy looks, however, I was left a little deflated by the incredibly slow tracking speed, and very few customisable options. Thankfully it was not too long before I found this great application. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and frankly, without it the magic mouse would be just ever-so-slightly less useful.

Today’s Top Tech Review Our overall rating:   5/5

What we liked…

  • Simple to set up and manage, works straight away
  • Corrects the annoying slow tracking speed of the Magic Mouse
  • Does not impact system performance
What we weren’t so keen on…
  • To be honest I cannot think of anything I don’t like

Vital info

Software: MagicPrefs
Supplier: Vlad Alexa
Price: FREE !

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