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VIDEO: Z-Wave Home Automation Kit Has Landed

We’ve got our hands on the Z-wave home automation kit now, so here’s a quick run down of the tech.

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Home Automation in UK with Z-Wave

Want to control your lights from your iPhone / iPad / Android device? Want email alerts if someone enters your house/room? Want your lights to come on automatically when you’re pulling up on the driveway? Check out our new series on Home Automation.

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We’re Back…

We’re back… if you’re into home automation you’re in for a treat with our upcoming review of Indigo, from Perceptive Automation.

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The NEW iPad (3rd gen) review

First let me start off by admitting that I’m a hopeless Apple fan. I usually love everything they put out to us mere mortals. So I hope this review doesn’t …

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Dummy Defense iPhone app review

We recently brought you a review of the addictive little app called Simple Physics, well the same developer has taken on board feedback from his users and created a ‘new’ …

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Simple Physics App – simply addictive

So much potential in this instantly addictive app, but let down by some odd interface decisions and even bigger niggle… read to find out our thoughts.

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HulloMail – take control of your voicemail (and more)

HulloMail looks a great app for SmartPhone users to take control of their voicemail!

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NEWS: The new Magic Trackpad from Apple

Breaking news from Today’s Top Tech, Apple have just released a desktop Magic Trackpad… looks like a fantastic product, at a not too crazy price. Read more…

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Apple iPhone 4 review

Here at Todays Top Tech, we can’t deny that we are self-confessed Apple lovers. So it was with great joy that one of us, joined the queues on Jun 24th and got our hands on the iPhone 4. Read on to find out what we think of this much-hyped smart phone.

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Apple iPad review

It’s been a while coming to the UK, but we finally got our hands on the Apple iPad. Read our review to find out what are initial thoughts are on this latest must-have gadget

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