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Pimp your iPhone / iPod with the latest tech’

This review is not actually for one specific piece of software, hardware, or gadget… nope, it’s for a whole bunch of add-on accessories for everything iPhone / iPod! We bring you the i-Shop!!

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TV Catchup Review – Live TV on iPhone.

You may not be aware of this great live TV service for your iPhone as it is not yet an actual iPhone app. Read on to find out how to watch.

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PixelStick Review: A cool ruler for web developers, designers, artists on Mac

Today’s Top Tech has discovered another FREE app for Mac OSX… PixelStick! A small and simple app for measuring distances between two points on your screen. Gimmick or Gold? Read our review to find out what we thought of it.

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LoveFilm iPhone App Review

If you use the LoveFilm DVD rental service, then take a look at their new iPhone app. Now you can organise your DVD lists whilst on the move.

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Tioti TV+ Review iPhone app. Calling all TV fans

If you like TV but dont like trawling through endless TV guides, then consider this usefull iPhone app. Read on to learn what we think about Tioti TV.

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UNLIMITED web hosting accounts, are they for real?

Web hosting accounts are now beginning to offer UNLIMITED disk space, data transfer, add-on domains, emails, FTP, and so on. We decided to try one out that advertises everything for just over $40/year (£27/year)! See how they did in our in-depth review.

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MagicPrefs Review – A must-have Mac OSX app if you’ve got a Magic Mouse

If you own an Apple Magic Mouse, then read on. Your mouse is not living up to its full potential until you’ve downloaded this free app.

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Apples Magic Mouse – Is it any good?

Apples Magic Mouse. . . fantastic or flawed?
Given Apples checkered past when it comes to designing mice, see what we thought about the latest creation here at Todays Top Tech.

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Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio (Review)

Read this review and you will never have to buy another “background / dinner party” cd ever again. This streaming music site and iPod application is all you’ll ever need if you love the sound of piano music with no other annoying instruments crashing in on the pure sound.

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Herald Review & Screencast – Mac OSX plugin

Herald is a FREE Max OSX plugin that you simply should not live without if you’re the kind of person who like to know exactly whats hitting your inbox whilst you’re working on other things… read our review and screencast demo of Herald v1.2 today.

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