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The NEW iPad (3rd gen) review

First let me start off by admitting that I’m a hopeless Apple fan. I usually love everything they put out to us mere mortals. So I hope this review doesn’t …

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NEWS: The new Magic Trackpad from Apple

Breaking news from Today’s Top Tech, Apple have just released a desktop Magic Trackpad… looks like a fantastic product, at a not too crazy price. Read more…

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Apple iPhone 4 review

Here at Todays Top Tech, we can’t deny that we are self-confessed Apple lovers. So it was with great joy that one of us, joined the queues on Jun 24th and got our hands on the iPhone 4. Read on to find out what we think of this much-hyped smart phone.

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Apple iPad review

It’s been a while coming to the UK, but we finally got our hands on the Apple iPad. Read our review to find out what are initial thoughts are on this latest must-have gadget

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MagicPrefs Review – A must-have Mac OSX app if you’ve got a Magic Mouse

If you own an Apple Magic Mouse, then read on. Your mouse is not living up to its full potential until you’ve downloaded this free app.

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Apples Magic Mouse – Is it any good?

Apples Magic Mouse. . . fantastic or flawed?
Given Apples checkered past when it comes to designing mice, see what we thought about the latest creation here at Todays Top Tech.

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