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Calwidget Review: a free Android calendar widget

Lots of calendar widgets are appearing on the Android Marketplace, Calwidget is one that we chose to review today, so find out how it did by reading our first Android widget review…

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Photo to Mac iPhone app review.

Do you sometimes need to quickly transfer just a few photos from your iPhone onto your Mac, but just can’t be bothered to find your usb cable? Well no problem, we found this great little app that will let you transfer your photos over your wi-fi connection. Read on to find out how. .

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Evernote Review – Remember everything. . .

Evernotes software lets you save your ideas, remember things you see, and make useful notes. Then lets you access them on any of your mobile devices whilst on the move. Read our review and see what we thought.

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PixelStick Review: A cool ruler for web developers, designers, artists on Mac

Today’s Top Tech has discovered another FREE app for Mac OSX… PixelStick! A small and simple app for measuring distances between two points on your screen. Gimmick or Gold? Read our review to find out what we thought of it.

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MagicPrefs Review – A must-have Mac OSX app if you’ve got a Magic Mouse

If you own an Apple Magic Mouse, then read on. Your mouse is not living up to its full potential until you’ve downloaded this free app.

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Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio (Review)

Read this review and you will never have to buy another “background / dinner party” cd ever again. This streaming music site and iPod application is all you’ll ever need if you love the sound of piano music with no other annoying instruments crashing in on the pure sound.

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Herald Review & Screencast – Mac OSX plugin

Herald is a FREE Max OSX plugin that you simply should not live without if you’re the kind of person who like to know exactly whats hitting your inbox whilst you’re working on other things… read our review and screencast demo of Herald v1.2 today.

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Bodega Review – An App store for Mac OSX

This review takes a look at an extremely cool piece of Mac software – Bodega – which is basically the App Store for your Mac! Take a look at our review, and found out where to get it from, for FREE.

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