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Fitting The Aeon Labs MultiSensor To Your Wall / Ceiling

We show you the tools you need, and offer advice and a demonstration on fitting the Z-Wave Aeon Labs Multisensor.

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VIDEO: Z-Wave 4-in-1 Sensor Using Indigo Controller

Super in-depth video, showing how to set up the Z-Wave Multisensor from Aeon Labs, PLUS see it working with Indigo Software on an Apple Mac.

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VIDEO: Z-wave Aeon Labs MultiSensor Unboxing

Check out whats in the box when you buy the Aeon Labs 4-in-1 MultiSensor for Z-wave networks.

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We’re Back…

We’re back… if you’re into home automation you’re in for a treat with our upcoming review of Indigo, from Perceptive Automation.

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Calwidget Review: a free Android calendar widget

Lots of calendar widgets are appearing on the Android Marketplace, Calwidget is one that we chose to review today, so find out how it did by reading our first Android widget review…

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